Log & Heavy Timber Wood Trusses

Easy to Order
Quick installation
Delivered to building site

Provide beauty and architectural integrity to any residential or commercial structure by adding a pre-cut heavy timber or log truss to your great room, sun room, entrance way or entire building.

Love log homes, but don’t like the price? Attractive wood roof trusses provide a cost effective solution!

Log Post & Beam Stucture

Consider a prefabricated log truss package that will provide the cozy warmth of a log home but for a fraction of the cost.

Our custom wood trusses are delivered direct to your building site and are ready for installation. A Timberwright architectural or structural heavy timber truss quickly adds beauty and strength and increases the resale value of your home or commercial structure.

Specialty Finishes

Our roof trusses are constructed with #1 Structural Douglas Fir and we offer our trusses with either planed smooth surfaces and chamfered edges or a rough sawn surface with a band sawn or circular sawn finish.

We also offer heavy distressing with antique staining as well as hand hewn or adzed finishes.

Imagine an open heavy log or timber truss over a swimming pool, in a restaurant or bar or in a garden structure or portico entrance.

Add the strength and beauty of solid wood in your home: use of a pre-cut timber or log wood truss will transform a room or your entire building.

Truss Designs

We can build trusses according to your architectural plans or offer you a custom wood truss design to meet your needs. Following are some basic and typical designs used for heavy timber trusses

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