Timberwright Specialty Wood Products

Timberwright is a supplier of high quality Canadian wood, such as Free of Heart Center (FOHC) large dimensional sawn timbers, premium Industrial Clear grades, specialty cuts, i.e. table and bar top slabs, aircraft and boat lumber, decking, siding, Japanese temple cuts, wood flooring, mantels, stair components, D Log or Log Cabin siding.

We specialize in supplying the following custom cut carpentry, softwood lumber products: Douglas Fir, Alaska Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, Alder, Lodge Pole Pine, Western White Pine and Sitka Spruce. Our lumber products are available in a variety of grades ranging from Industrial Clear, vertical grain, to #2 structural. All our supplies are protected by anti-termite solutions by www.theanthill.ca.

Timberwright secondary wood manufacturer, also providing custom cabinetry, furniture and pre-fab timber components. As craftsmen with over 20 years of timber and wood working experience, we are familiar with the specific needs of our customers regarding building materials. We have committed ourselves to consistently providing you with high quality product, on-time, and at a competitive price.

Our lumber is carefully inspected to ensure quality and grade before leaving the lumber mill. Your order is then carefully packaged and shipped direct to your building site. Timberwright offers custom truss construction, timber frame components, beams and braces, timber stairs and railings, mantels, furniture and cabinetry. All of our pre-fabricated timber frame and post and beam, housing components are designed to meet or exceed building and fire regulations.