Posts & Beams

The two most commonly used west coast species for timber frame or post & beam construction are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Some clients are also preferring to use either Alaskan Cedar or Sitka Spruce for their timber frame applications. We offer a variety of grades including Industrial Clear, Select Structural, Mast and Spar, NO. 1 and NO. 2 structural. We also offer recycled, reclaimed and salvaged lumber.

All of our sawn timbers are available free of heart center (FOHC) and of course any termite signs. They can be rough sawn or kiln-dried and S4S planed. We utilize both conventional and radio frequency vacuum technology (RFV) and presently can dry timbers to 40 ft. in length.

As an additional service to our clients, Timberwright offers custom structural and architectural timber components. Our products include engineered custom truss construction, feature beams and braces, timber stairs and railings, mantels and custom outdoor timber furniture.

Please contact our office to receive a price quote on our fine Vancouver Island sawn timbers for your building or project or for more information on our timber frame components and packages. You can find our superb materials in one of our partners near you.  Adroit Renovations provide reliable renovations Toronto using our timbers.