How to Select Right Contractor For A Home Renovation

Home renovation has turn out to be quite the trend these days. It is not similar to the time when redecoration was looked upon as big a headache as buying new property and touching to a different city. Creation of problems for those property owners who are not in the property business it can be complicated to find the right building contractor to work with. Home renovation Quite often the only way to decide one is to ask around for a recommendation. Even afterward it is possible that things make not work out as effortlessly as you wish. Consequently how are you to avoid a situation like that? Here are some suggestions with the intention of should help.

First off you be supposed to have a list of around 3 to 5 contractors handy. Do not go by means of one. Get as a lot of recommendations as you can. Collect speech marks from every one and contrast their prices next to the services and their past record. Under Home renovation all of them should be charging anywhere close to the departing market rate for the job. If someone is charging method too low then expect corner cutting and a rush job. In the same way if someone charges way too high, afterward you are obviously being had. A good contractor will attach to the market prices and not demand unreasonable sums.

If you are leaving in for a minimal home renovation after that make sure you do not enter into a verbal agreement. It frequently happens that small projects are never put to paper and this leads to arguments later on. Always acquire the contract on paper and signed by both parties. Verbal agreements are valueless. Make sure you understand the agreement yourself and that it covers the whole thing you want done.

Bathroom Renovations What toKeep In Mind

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that when renovated will definitely increase the value of your home. A bathroom renovation is the second most preferred upgrade that homebuyers are looking for when buying a home.

With just a little bit of money and work a newly renovated washroom can increase your homes equity. You do not really have to spend a lot of money to renovate your bathroom it can be done relatively inexpensively.

Even though a contractor will quote you a lot of money for the renovation you can remodel your bathroom on your own for only a fraction of the cost. Renovating inexpensively does not always mean going with bad quality materials. All you need to do is to have a good plan and do your research well in advance.

Before you start ripping off old tiles, you will need a well laid out plan. Renovating a bathroom can be a relatively complicated project. The first thing you will need is a good floor plan that includes space and incorporates any re-work required for the plumbing and electrical. You must include all the things you need to change in your plan including if you are going to change the location of any of the fixtures.

Calculate how many tiles you will need depending on the square footage. This way when you go out to buy tiles you will have an idea of what the total cost will be. At this point you should consider whether you will undertake a full or partial renovation. See if there is anything you can re-use in your bathroom to save money.  Answering these questions in advance will help you formulate your budget.

Once you decide what you want to change in your washroom you should consider what kind of work will be required for the renovation. For example you could decide to outsource certain parts of the work, the tiles for example, and do some of it on your own.  The main amount of money people spend goes to labor. If you do some work yourself you will be able to save substantial amounts of money.

Log & Heavy Timber Wood Trusses

Easy to Order
Quick installation
Delivered to building site

Provide beauty and architectural integrity to any residential or commercial structure by adding a pre-cut heavy timber or log truss to your great room, sun room, entrance way or entire building.

Love log homes, but don’t like the price? Attractive wood roof trusses provide a cost effective solution!

Log Post & Beam Stucture

Consider a prefabricated log truss package that will provide the cozy warmth of a log home but for a fraction of the cost.

Our custom wood trusses are delivered direct to your building site and are ready for installation. A Timberwright architectural or structural heavy timber truss quickly adds beauty and strength and increases the resale value of your home or commercial structure.

Specialty Finishes

Our roof trusses are constructed with #1 Structural Douglas Fir and we offer our trusses with either planed smooth surfaces and chamfered edges or a rough sawn surface with a band sawn or circular sawn finish.

We also offer heavy distressing with antique staining as well as hand hewn or adzed finishes.

Imagine an open heavy log or timber truss over a swimming pool, in a restaurant or bar or in a garden structure or portico entrance.

Add the strength and beauty of solid wood in your home: use of a pre-cut timber or log wood truss will transform a room or your entire building.

Truss Designs

We can build trusses according to your architectural plans or offer you a custom wood truss design to meet your needs. Following are some basic and typical designs used for heavy timber trusses

Siding & Decking

Timberwright provides a variety of specialty siding and decking products.

Known for exceptional moisture, rot and insect resistance, Western Red Cedar and Alaska Yellow Cedar are the most common wood species used for exterior siding and decking material.

Custom cut to your specifications, our products are available in a variety of grades from vertical grain, clear to select tight knot and including utility.

Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to assist you with your siding and decking requirements.

Wood Flooring

We supply a wide range of flooring products to builders. Please check out the images below – and click any of them to get a closer look!

Douglas Fir Knotty Grade
Rocky Mountain resawn
Douglas Fir Edge Grain
Antique Distressed
Lodgepole Pine
Pioneer Blue Traditional
Douglas Fir Edge Grain
Lodgepole Pine Cottage
Grade Antique Distressed
Lodgepole Pine
Pioneer Blue

Posts & Beams

The two most commonly used west coast species for timber frame or post & beam construction are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Some clients are also preferring to use either Alaskan Cedar or Sitka Spruce for their timber frame applications. We offer a variety of grades including Industrial Clear, Select Structural, Mast and Spar, NO. 1 and NO. 2 structural. We also offer recycled, reclaimed and salvaged lumber.

All of our sawn timbers are available free of heart center (FOHC) and of course any termite signs. They can be rough sawn or kiln-dried and S4S planed. We utilize both conventional and radio frequency vacuum technology (RFV) and presently can dry timbers to 40 ft. in length.

As an additional service to our clients, Timberwright offers custom structural and architectural timber components. Our products include engineered custom truss construction, feature beams and braces, timber stairs and railings, mantels and custom outdoor timber furniture.

Please contact our office to receive a price quote on our fine Vancouver Island sawn timbers for your building or project or for more information on our timber frame components and packages. You can find our superb materials in one of our partners near you.  Adroit Renovations provide reliable renovations Toronto using our timbers.

Yellow Cedar

Other common names are: Alaska-cypress, Sitka-cypress, Yellow-cypress, Alaska-cedar, Alaska Yellow-cedar, Nootka False-cypress.

“Nootkatensis” (in the Latin name) refers to Nootka Sound on the west side of Vancouver Island where this species was first identified. A close relative of Port Orford Cedar, Alaska Yellow cedar can be found west of the Coast Mountains and on North West Coast islands. It grows up to 80 feet (24 meters) tall and up to 3 feet (90 cm) in diameter. The wood is of a fine, close texture, is easily worked, very durable and has a strong fragrance. Continue reading

Western Red Cedar

cedartreeThe quality of the Western Red Cedar on Vancouver Island is second to none. It is world renowned for it’s fine grain and beautiful texture. It has been called “the cornerstone of Northwest Coast aboriginal culture,” and is known as “the tree of life”. It is also British Columbia’s official tree. Continue reading

Sitka Spruce

spruceSitka Spruce is highly valued not only for its extremely high strength to weight ratio but also for its excellent tone and resonating qualities. It is used as the sounding board in the finest grand pianos, acoustic guitars and other fine stringed instruments.

Stronger than the same weight component made of steel, Sitka Spruce is often used in airplane framework components. It is easily shaped and glued making it useful for a wide variety of products including boat building. It is also suitable for food storage and processing since it has virtually no odor or taste.

Continue reading